Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gooseneck Lake Investigation

Last week the BCSO received a second hand report from a reliable source that a teenage girl heard and saw a possible Sasquatch while camping with her father and uncle at Gooseneck lake during the Easter long weekend (2011) southwest of Campbell River .
The report stated that well the girls father and uncle were having some drinks , the girl happened to hear some strange vocals(or screeching) which she did not recognize and as she turned to look in the direction of the sound she saw a creature by the waters edge turn and disappear into the woods .
The girl then told her father and uncle who heard and seen nothing .
I was also told by my source that no one there followed up with any sort of investigation ( re-looking for tracks or any other evidence )
I bugged my source a few times to get this girl to fill out a report form on one of my sites but to date I have received nothing .
Side note : The father years earlier had a Sasquatch encounter at Buttle lake which is located 14.5 klms from Gooseneck lake .
The BCSO decided to investigate this report on May 14th / 2011 to see if we could come up with any viable evidence.
We arrived at Gooseneck lake at 10am Saturday May 14th/2011 . We observed 2-camping trailers and a couple people fishing on the lake . We moved around the lake which I will also mention has been extremely logged right up and almost completely around the lake .
We chose many different areas around the lake to make observations re-binoculars and checking for any signs on both sides of the logging road.
We found some fresh bear skat and a total of two bears  in the region of this lake .We checked numerous areas by foot and came up with several deer , possibly 1-cougar and a couple of bear tracks during this investigation .
Josh and I both decided that if an incident happened at this lake , that it happened at the only spot on the lake which has what looks like 3-camping spots all clustered together . It to me also looked like a more then likely area in which a Sasquatch could get to Gooseneck lake under cover of trees, though it would of most likely crossed at least 2-logging roads to get into this area .
All in all I enjoyed searching in a new area which was also scouted for future investigations .
Side notes :
No evidence was found or collected . 2-camper trailers with a couple people fishing on the lake .
Temp was +13 , breezy at times , high cloud cover , couple light showers .
Final thoughts:
The area requires further investigations , there are a few decent streams and rivers in the area with some good large tree stands above Gooseneck lake . Other lakes in the area include Middle Quinsom ,Upper Quinsom, Snakehead , Campbell ,Buttle ,Flume and Wokas lake .
I am hoping to have this sighting with vocals confirmed in the near future . Some of the details may change from this original post .

Pictures below are from our first investigation of Gooseneck Lake .

Above picture is of Josh looking for a bear we startled while heading in to Gooseneck Lake.

Above picture is of a possible bear track at Gooseneck Lake ?

Above picture is of one of the camping spots at Gooseneck Lake .Its also in the suspected Sasquatch sighting area .
Above picture is another of the same camping area at Gooseneck Lake .

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