Friday, February 25, 2011

Witness Claims Finding Possible Nest

I recently received a report of a possible Sasquatch nest North of the Comox valley . The report was given to me by Gavin Joth of the BCSCC ( British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club ) . This report was given directly to the BCSCC by the witness who encountered the possible nest . The report stated that the witness was out picking mushrooms in the fall of 2004 . After a few hours of picking the witness looked up in a maple tree to see a huge nest about 14' to 20' off the ground . The witness went on to say that the nest sat under a canopy of evergreens and he thought the nest too big for any kind of eagles nest .
I contacted the witness about 3-days after receiving the report .We made plans to meet the following Saturday Jan 29th/2011 at 10 am .
After Josh , Cory and I picked up the witness we made our way northwest down one of the main logging roads coming to a gate which was lock and allowed no access , this was where the witness said he went back in 2004 . We then decided to move further north looking for any access roads which may link up with the road that was gated . After a few dead ends and some more locked gates we decided to pull over and hike into the area by foot .
After some hours of hard hiking through slashes,snow,forested areas and creeks we came to the north end of a large stand , our elevation was 234 m . The elevation we were trying to get to was at about 604 m .It was at this point we decided to turn around before darkness set in.
This investigation turned up a lot of Elk signs including skat and tree rubbings .We did find some prime habitat areas for the Sasquatch but did not find the nest or any other signs in this area .
The BCSO is planning a follow up investigation in this area during the spring of 2011.
I would like to thank Gavin Joth and the BCSCC for the lead and I look forward to joint cooperation between our organizations in the future .


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